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are you a feminist? i totally dig your answer about guys before I sure ****ing am ethanjameshunt replied 2 hours ago
thoughts??? :) haven't talked much but you seem like a cool chick :) ethanjameshunt replied to ally.casey.5 2 hours ago
How many *exual encounters? not sure that it's business to concern yourself with, but not many ethanjameshunt replied 3 hours ago
why so many lady friends? because 99% of guys are a bunch of objectifying *exist asswipes and I cringe every time they even try to talk about females lol sorry not sorry ethanjameshunt replied 4 hours ago
Thoughts?? haven't talked an awful lot but you seem super nice and lovely and our chats are great and pretty too ethanjameshunt replied to georgiagoodwin 4 hours ago
Thoughts on Bronte foster? Miss the old grade 6 days at asc, biggest 12ie couple but was great, miss heaps, great to chat with and v v pretty ethanjameshunt replied 5 hours ago
prettiest girls? Alex x2, Bridie Cara, Chloe, Gemmah, Hannah, Mairead, Margot, Teal. (Limited myself to 10 but all my gal pals are gorgeous) ethanjameshunt replied 5 hours ago
Thoughts pal xxxx Haven't talked a whole lot but would love to and seem quite attractive and very nice to chat with xxx ethanjameshunt replied to Jemmyxx 5 hours ago
Thoughts on isa cindric? Isa Cindric is *exy as hell but still hasn't met me but is quite humorous and nice to look at ethanjameshunt replied 5 hours ago
what kind of *exual encounter? all that don't include p**** in b*m ethanjameshunt replied 5 hours ago
Thoughts? :) Pretty nice, haven't talked in a while ethanjameshunt replied to Rangaa 14 hours ago
thoughts on cara? xx Love her so much, best to hang around and chat with about anything and very very pretty 11/10, had a v nice pizza date and need to chill a lot more xx ethanjameshunt replied 1 day ago
ever had any kind of *exual encounter? Sure have ethanjameshunt replied 1 day ago
thoughts?? Haven't talked in a bit but great to chat with and quite attractive, would love to chat more! ethanjameshunt replied to LaurenMaloney 1 day ago
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