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What did you think of the movie recently with jim carrey as the new version of street performer, doing different things and threatening the way of the old guard. Are you doing something to shake up the old guard- IE magic shows etc? I was actually lucky enough to be asked by Warner Bros to do some press for the DVD release of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. I think the movie ends well with a positive message about how great magic shows can actually be. For magicians though we got a lot more out of the movie than other because it was very close to home a lot of what was happening in the movie. pipcomicillusionist replied 2047 days ago
How old are you, are you like 35 or 40? Close.... I'm actually 52 pipcomicillusionist replied 2047 days ago
do you have a girlfriend? No at the moment I am single pipcomicillusionist replied 2047 days ago
whats barnados? Barnardo's is a Charity organisation that helps abused children. They do fantastic work in the community and have been doing so for over 100 years. My grandfather was looked after by Barnardo's. pipcomicillusionist replied 2047 days ago
when and why did you start magic? I first got into magic when I was 4 with the little magic kit my parents got me. I played around with it on and off until I was 16 or 17 and in Vegas for a school trip and went into a magic shop there. I bought my first proper magic trick and when I got back to Australia just devoted all my attention to magic. pipcomicillusionist replied 2047 days ago
One thing that the world does not know about you? Few things I could say to this one but not a lot of them I would want on the internet... I love stationary and stationary shops. I know its weird but whatever. pipcomicillusionist replied 2052 days ago
Favourite magician and why This is another really good question. I don't know if I have on favourite. There are so many I look up to and that inspire me in so many different ways. Some I respect and admire for the technical ability, some their creativity, some their ability to perform and entertain a crowd and others for their originality. A lot of the time these people have many of those qualities if not all. Johnny Thompson & Pam, Fielding West, Lance Burton, Jon Armstrong, Rick Thomas, Bill Malone, David Stone, Oscar Munoz, Joe Monti, Eugene Burger, Max Maven, Daniel Garcia, Justin Kredible.... I am half asleep and I know I am going to miss someone I regret. I wish I could say just one but that is me in general I have never had just one favourite thing of anything. pipcomicillusionist replied 2052 days ago
Why are you called pip
Nickname I got back in year 7 that just stuck with me. A lot of teachers even called me it. pipcomicillusionist replied 2052 days ago
do you ever hate what you do? what do you hate about it?
I can say I never hate what I do. I love performing and I love being a performer. I don't like the business side of things, that is something I would gladly give to someone else to do but it has to be done and I defiantly don't hate that part. The only thing I hate is the industry sometimes. There is a lot of negativity in the industry that doesn't need to be there and shouldn't be there but sadly even if only a minority are causing the problem it has a huge effect on the industry. pipcomicillusionist replied 2052 days ago
What was the mistake on Australia's Got Talent? I am guessing you are referring to what one of the judges said about my performance? There were a lot of tech issues during my performance that were beyond my control sadly. Before I go into them I will give you a bit of background on the whole thing. For my second appearance on the show I had been asked to do an escape and so I created and built the entire illusion from scratch (sadly not one response on youtube about how it was done has been right yet, but I love the thought processes people have gone thru). The biggest issue overall was a lack of prep time for the illusion. I was locked in to appear on the 8th semi final but then received a call to tell me I had to have it ready in 2 weeks to appear on the first semi final. We had only just finished building everything when they came to pick it all up to take to set so the weeks I had planned to run the routine and get it perfect didn't happen. During the filming a problem happened during the card trick which left me having to ad lib a little plus a few other things a long the way. I will say the stage crew I worked with are one of the best teams I have ever worked with. They were fantastic and I could never thank them enough for the hard work they put into making it work for TV. They were all also the nicest bunch of guys and I really appreciate what they did. I have never really been happy with it and wish I could have had the time to get the routine better but it still was a lot of fun to do. I also think had it of been better I would have had the chance to do a routine I had been working on for years that would have been complete unique and like nothing you will ever see on the show (so big it needed permission from the government to do). pipcomicillusionist replied 2053 days ago
Why are you so handsome? I think this guy can answer that the best It's really sweet of you... I'm not that great in real life. pipcomicillusionist replied 2054 days ago
What is your favourite illusion? I don't know I have a favourite. I think I go thru phases but a good levitation is beautiful and I think the strongest illusion when performed right. pipcomicillusionist replied 2054 days ago

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