What's the point of this site?

Qooh.me™ allows people to get to know you better by asking you anonymous questions. Flirt/Chat and be random.

How does Qooh.me™ work?

This site allows anybody to ask you anonymous questions. The person asking you does not have to join to ask you. The questions you are asked will go into your Qooh.me™ Inbox, at this point the public won't see the questions. If you choose to answer a question the Question and your answer will be seen by the public on your Qooh.me™ profile, your facebook wall and Twitter (if you choose to).If you don't like the question you are asked, you simply delete it , then nobody will see or know about it.

How do I get people to ask me questions?

After joining the site, you can simply update your facebook or twitter status. For an example (if your username is Sam) you can say:

"I'm ready for your anonymous questions catch me on www.qooh.me/sam ''

The more people know about your profile the more questions you get... Easy!!!

Do I need to have friends to use this?

Not really this is like having your own website and can be enjoyed without friends. BUT it's even more FUN when your friends have joined. SO Tell them to join and Tag one another

What is to TAG?

Tagging allows you to follow a friend or anyone's questions & answers on your homepage, the person you tagging will not know that you are tagging them, this gives you privacy

How do I find other people using Qooh.me?

If you link Qooh.me™ to your facebook or twitter accounts you will find all your friends who are already using Qooh.me™

How do I link Qooh.me™ to my Facebook and Twitter or upload profile pics?

Everything can be done in Settings (Top right on your Qooh.me™ screen)

Can anonymous questions be traced to my Facebook or Twitter profile?


Have fun and keep it clean!!! The aim is NOT to spread gossip or bully and harass people