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Hi Sunshine i'm a 32 married woman. I love my husband of 6 years but recently i fine myself attracted to my husband's bestfriend. We all went to college together and for a brief time I dated him prior to even meeting my husband. We never had se* Check out the answer to this question at
AskSunshine replied 2850 days ago
Why the sunshine name? Because the sun has many jobs but it always involves the light! AskSunshine replied 2894 days ago
Have you started Yes...keep the questions coming! AskSunshine replied 2905 days ago
What is your favorite color and why?
Red. It is a sign of power and pas*ion. AskSunshine replied 2907 days ago
Who are you dating and why? My Husband and because I adore him! AskSunshine replied 2909 days ago