Why the hell do you want to know about me anyway, stalkers?

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What do you miss about your childhood? My teachers from Primary school :( Cisoria27 replied 1377 days ago
What is your biggest fear? I'm scared of losing and I'm scared of killing the ones I love... Cisoria27 replied 1385 days ago
Your Dream Job? Hmm a mangaka Cisoria27 replied 1407 days ago
Where do you want to live when you older? Somewhere in Japan Cisoria27 replied 1417 days ago
What is your ringtone? Default because I seriously can't be stuffed to edit it Cisoria27 replied 1428 days ago
The most unreliable person you know ? My ALARM CLOCK Cisoria27 replied 1429 days ago
Who do you love more, mum or dad ? Dad... Cisoria27 replied 1431 days ago
The most expensive item you own? Either a flute, an elctronic keyboard or my laptop... Cisoria27 replied 1441 days ago
Have you ever gone to school without taking a bath? I don't actually take showers in morning, I take them at night because when I do that it makes me feel sleepy and it makes me sleep better. If I had a shower in the morning I would probably be sleeping at school... Cisoria27 replied 1442 days ago
What do you think about the most? Food and anime... And sleep Cisoria27 replied 1453 days ago
What’s a common misconception people have about you? That I'm an "annoying nerd" -_- I'm actually not that smart Cisoria27 replied 1459 days ago
What have you lied about lately ? Idk, being ok... Cisoria27 replied 1463 days ago
If you had to ask God a question what would it be? Why was I created. Cisoria27 replied 1466 days ago
Most expensive thing you have? My house... With everything in it. Cisoria27 replied 1469 days ago
Who are you dating? Cookies Cisoria27 replied 1473 days ago

Nemune Hasami

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