what you wanna know

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sht kent wassss goooooood? wassssssssss goooood brahh DavidPurda replied 12 days ago
What life lesson did you learn today ? not to juggle a soccer ball in the office DavidPurda replied 12 days ago
When was the last time you did something for the first time? What was it? dunnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DavidPurda replied 15 days ago
What was the last thing that got stolen from you? i get it back after i bash them... so nothing DavidPurda replied 17 days ago
A song you think is overated ? not my songs , thats for sure , theyre too underrated hahaha DavidPurda replied 20 days ago
How many doors do you have at your house? 1 DavidPurda replied 22 days ago
Who's your ex? i havent actually had a proper gf man but ive had things with girls, dont like putting labels on things at the moment !!! DavidPurda replied 25 days ago
Hey are you still a virgin?? yeah ! DavidPurda replied 25 days ago
ur qoohme is amusing ((: HAHA!! hahaha lol thanks ?? DavidPurda replied 25 days ago
One word to describe your Ex cool DavidPurda replied 25 days ago
How do you plan on ending this year ? idk DavidPurda replied 27 days ago
What turns you off ? errytang DavidPurda replied 29 days ago
Whoever the fck is being a little smart A$$ towards david back the fck off you low life dont worry relax all good DavidPurda replied 30 days ago
Id rather not you little fckwit lmao you f***** fck off then you scared **** DavidPurda replied 30 days ago
and oh yeah i know who you have feelings for, its cute but youre a wanker and you got no fcking chance you little scummy fck. she was hooking up with other dudes yesterday sooo unlucky c u n t Get off anon DavidPurda replied 31 days ago