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Most times when I have $ex my v***** makes an embarrasing fart sound, this is preventing me from enjoying $ex as I am now self conscious. How do I stop this? I'm not an expert on $ex but sometimes this is caused by the vigorous action and air that is pumped in and out of which is very normal. If you feel this might not be the case, please consult your gynecologist. Good luck. DimamzoSqueeza replied 127 days ago
She's still hung up about her ex and I love her so much. She says she wishes she could be with me but she can't feel the same way. What should I do? Ask yourself this question, do you want to invest your time and love on someone who has one foot in or do you want want the whole package? Sometimes we like to believe we can make work but when it doesn't we feel cheated and wronged whereas it was not there from the word go. Remember, feelings are very tricky and no one can really make a person feel what they can't. Love needs to come from both sides and if forced, hearts get broken badly. Think about it... At least she's being honest. DimamzoSqueeza replied 127 days ago
I was so ready to leave my boyfriend, by now I just found out I'm pregnant. I haven't even told him yet. Remember one thing, the reasons why you wanted to leave him in the first place will exist whether pregnant or not... The coming of the baby will not suddenly change or erase issues you had/have with him, unless you were leaving him because he couldn't make you pregnant...? He may be a very good father to your child one day but he doesn't do a good job of being your boyfriend right now. 90% of the time, children don't strengthen a shaky relationship but actually break it and themselves in the process. I'm not encouraging you to be a single parent but I want you to be a happy parent. Good luck. DimamzoSqueeza replied 127 days ago
My daughter was away at her dad's mom's place, she came back rather reserved and now has this tendency to just suddenly get a shiver and look very scared. Please try and talk to her. Maybe she saw something that scared her, it might not be big but kids scare easily. Also, find out from the mother if anything happened that could explain her sudden change in attitude. Remember, do not accuse the mother of anything cause fighting won't help the child. If need be, take her to see a child therapist. DimamzoSqueeza replied 127 days ago
Met this one girl and later found out she has a twin sister; somehow I found myself in bed with the sister the too. Is it wrong to sleep with them both, they're practically one person? Same time? If both sisters are aware of this factor and give consent then all is well for all 3 of you. But they are not one person so stop fooling yourself. DimamzoSqueeza replied 127 days ago
I am unemployed and care for my elderly parents, when my brother who works in Joburg is home my parents are mean to me, but they're fine when he is gone. Why mara? How I wish I had answers for all the confusing things our parents did... The only thing I can tell you is that they love and appreciate you but they are from a generation that doesn't know how to properly express their feelings and we are from a generation that wants appreciation... Do you see the conflict? I would suggest you gently alert them to how their behavior is hurting you...gently! But be prepared for the fact that they might not get your point immediately or admit but it will work out. Sometimes we need to be the "bigger person" when dealing with our parents. Good luck. DimamzoSqueeza replied 127 days ago
I'm a new bride and still very much in love with my husband but I think I might also be developing feelings for his older brother too. Is it normal? That will depend on what kind of feelings. Maybe what you are developing is kinship feelings like those you would have for your own brother but it may seem confusing to you as the person is new in your life. If this is not the case and you have romantic feelings for the older brother, please do the right thing and put both brothers out of their misery by ending this mess as it will not end well at all. DimamzoSqueeza replied 127 days ago
My Mother-in-Law is highly critical of everything I do, I tried for two years now to impress her. I have reached a point where I no longer want to visit her house. Unfortunately it is very rare that one is ever able to impress their mother in law! We even struggle to impress our own mother's at times and that is mainly caused by generation gap amongst other factors. Be greatful that you don't stay with her every day and s*ck it up for the few days that you visit her because you love her son. Remember, always be respectful even if she might not be, and never speak bad about her infront of her grandkids! DimamzoSqueeza replied 127 days ago
I have been dating him for five years and he always said wasn't ready for ua to have a baby, but I just recently found out that he has a three year old son. He doesn't deserve you because he cheated on you 2 years into your relationship and maybe he doesn't feel making a lifetime commitment with you like having a baby is what he wants! Please value yourself and date someone who values you. DimamzoSqueeza replied 127 days ago
We are in a Long Distance Relationship and I visit him once every three months, but when I am at his place he insists we chill with his friends. They even sleep over when I am there. My dearest anonymous, you are not wanted there. Please value yourself, save your time for someone who wants you around. DimamzoSqueeza replied 139 days ago
Met a guy online, and I fell in love with him :-). But when we met in person I lost interest within an hour. He is great on the phone and online, am I being selfish if I only just wanna interact with him online? You didn't give this guy a chance thou. Some people are shy during face to face first time encounters, unless you didn't like the way he looks then that's a different story ๐Ÿ˜•. Otherwise, I believe this is how "friend zone" was created. Be honest with him and tell him that you enjoy his company but you have no feelings for him nor do you have any intention of a romantic connection with him. Be honest but kind and you might gain a lifetime friend! Also, be sure coz he will move on from you... DimamzoSqueeza replied 170 days ago
Dating a very great guy, but yhuuuuuuu insecurities. I am always reassuring him that I love him, but he always insist I am in love with my exes or finds something else to start a fight with. Sizani bo! Baleka ngenyawo zombini! Seriously thou, no matter what you say to him he would never believe you love only him because he possibly has his own issues of self love. This might stem from his childhood or previous experiences but until he deals with his personal issues, he will always have insecurities. As much as you love him, this won't end well for you and there is no other way to put it. You will always have to work over time to make him happy while you lose yourself piece by piece. Good luck! DimamzoSqueeza replied 170 days ago
Met this wonderful lady, we click and stuff. But my friends keep teasing me about just how big she is. Everytime I am in public with her I see people staring, it's making me uncomfortable. I'm really trying to understand what is making you uncomfortable. You like her as she is I want to believe, now why allow others opinions to dictate how you should feel? You must always remember that at the end of the day you only have yourself to please! weight can be lost just as beauty can fade but personality doesn't change. Be true to yourself NOT your friends. Good luck DimamzoSqueeza replied 170 days ago
Just bought a car, now my parents dont want to take a taxi anywhere. I have stopped livin my life and am driving them around to malls, friends' houses, church, town. And guess who pays for petrol when it runs out? Sweetie, that is called being African๐Ÿ˜. Let your parents enjoy their achievement. I say that because you buying a car is their achievement after they have gone thru a lot to raise you and they probably want everyone to see them in your car. Just let them be for now, it's a phase, it will pass but if u make noise about it, it will spoil the relationship you have with your parents. Keep Calm and drive them around for a bit ๐Ÿ˜˜ DimamzoSqueeza replied 170 days ago
I have a very abusive father and recently met a great guy I love. It took me a while to trust him, but eventually I opened up to how my father treats me and my father. And suddenly he treats me the same way my father does. How do I make it stop? This will not be easy to take... But LEAVE HIM! The reason I say this is coz he doesn't respect u otherwise he would do the best he can to make sure he never makes you feel like how your father ever made you feel. Sometimes it's important NOT to disclose your family issues or even previous relationships issues to your new partner until you are absolutely sure about how they feel about you.... Until they have proven with actions how they feel about. Sometimes we give ourselves too early and too easily and we reveal too much which gives immunition to use against you. He doesn't respect you... Sadly. Take care of yourself please. DimamzoSqueeza replied 170 days ago

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