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Hi Dr.
I've got uncomfortable v*****l discharge,ther Dr said ts normal bt ts too much n sometimes I'll hv pain in my right n it will come out heavely.
Hw possible s the normality?
Hi, if you feel that the discharge is uncomfortable and heavy, and as*ociated with pain, then this is unlikely to be "normal". I suggest you see another Doctor or your Gynae
DoctorMcKay replied 2326 days ago
Hi Doc I am HIV positive and on ARV. Is it safe to take Herbex Hi, which Herbex product? DoctorMcKay replied 2327 days ago
are there any p****,scrotum or testicle related deseases that one can get without se*ual intercourse? Yes, there are many! Most STI\'s present with a discharge from the p**** or an ulcer on the p****, so issues with the scrotum or testes are not usually STI-related. DoctorMcKay replied 2338 days ago
Hi Dr i was on 5 courses of various antibiotics over a period of 4 months for what my doctor says was a sebaceous cyst on my leg, could these antibiotics have caused candida, is candida real Yes, Candida is real, and antibiotics are a recognized cause of Candida. DoctorMcKay replied 2338 days ago
Hi dr. Is there any help for someone who's muscles are busy collapsing I don't are your muscles collapsing? DoctorMcKay replied 2338 days ago
Hi doc, my 4yr old daughter has dry wacks that is blocking & causing pain in her ear. Is there anything i can use to breakdown the wacks & get it out, some people told me to use garlic oil, will it be effective? Thx in advance Not garlic oil...try sweet oil and warm it slightly then put a few drops in the ear. NB NO COTTON BUDS! DoctorMcKay replied 2338 days ago
Hi Dr M,i have a frnd who has DVT on the left leg,she has had it for a year now,she goes for checkups and treatment but its not better,help Has the thrombosis (clot) been dissolved with blood-thinning agents yet? Surely this does not take a year! DoctorMcKay replied 2343 days ago
Is rinex syrup safe for a 5 months old baby As long as it is the Paediatric syrup, and not more than 2,5ml three times daily DoctorMcKay replied 2343 days ago
doc i am 15years and i have major headaches and i did a CT scan which said i have a neuro blood clot then i was transfered to East London and they only did a lumbar puncture and gave me no treatment..what can help me? What was the result of the lumbar puncture? What did they say about the clot? DoctorMcKay replied 2343 days ago
Hiv +ve not on ARV's Need as*essmet where a u based Do u speacilise with ARV's Yes, I am an HIV Clinician, based in Florida, Johannesburg DoctorMcKay replied 2343 days ago
Hi Dr McKay,I'm a 44yr old female and my main problem is painful heels,been using naproxen,what could be the cause of that condition. The most common cause of this is a Calcaneal (Heel) Spur and Plantar fasciitis DoctorMcKay replied to landoline 2343 days ago
I've seen gastric bypas* ops on TV. R they done in SA and does medical aid pay for it. Yes, they are performed in South Africa (Sunninghill Hospital). It is unfortunately not covered by medical aids, and is quite expensive. DoctorMcKay replied 2358 days ago
Doc, I\'m on Fortzaar but I\'m retaining water in my legs and feet to extent that I can\'t move my ankles and its painful. I\'m also using Natura Corp for water retention but its not helping. I\'m eating healthy aswell. Pls help...... Hi, ankle swelling (oedema) can also be due to heart problems, kidney or even liver disease. You need to see your GP for an as*essment as well as blood tests to exclude any of the above. DoctorMcKay replied 2358 days ago
Doc M, Please help? Baby Riley who is 5 months has a slight runny nose what can I give him for that? Hi, preferably nothing, but if you really have to I would use a little Rinex paed syrup, about 2ml twice daily DoctorMcKay replied 2369 days ago
Good morning Doctor,
How do I know what my ideal weight is? I am 1,80, female, 45 years old and medium bone structure.
Hi, based on your height, your ideal weight is anything below 80 kg. this would equate to a BMI of 24.9 DoctorMcKay replied 2369 days ago

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