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Whats going to happen if I give my baby water or food before six month and am hiv positive but still breastfeeding at the same time We do NOT want babies to start solids before six months of age. Their gut lining is not ready for that and also if you are breastfeeding there is the added risk of HIV transmission from you to baby because of mixed feeding. The mixed feeding scrapes away that protective gut lining and HIV can pass across it. Please breastfeed exclusively. If you switch to formula before six months then please give formula exclusively. Once baby is six months old you can start solids DoctorSindi replied 203 days ago
Hi i just found out that my is hiv, ah just had a baby and now he is 2weeks old. He is taking nvp. My aunt is unemployed,how can i support her, is it a must to stop breastfeeding at six weeks or sh can continue as long as she is on treatment? Im soo sad. She can breastfeed for as long as possible. Please do not be sad. Support her by making sure she breastfeeds exclusively for the first six months, she makes sure that baby goes all the necessary HIV PCR tests and that baby is taking the correct syrup. Also make sure that she takes her treatment every single day and that she goes for regular check-ups. Do not be sad. HIV is not a death sentence and baby shall be just fine DoctorSindi replied 203 days ago
Hii doc ngomtwana ona 4months akakhono ukulala kuyaphela even 3days n uyakhala makmele azkhulule but agcine angakhonanga n uyatshokoza kakhulu like uyahlanza pls help me ngamuaa e clinic but angisizakalanga Please take baby back to the clinic and ask them to check baby again. I hope that you are giving baby breastmilk only OR formula only. I also hope that you are not giving baby any solids or food. That is for babies who are six months and older DoctorSindi replied to Yendes 203 days ago
Hi sindi ,m hiv+ n my baby has bn gvn some traditional herbs to drink for 3 days and her teeth has been scraped, m breastfeeding her exclusively .is she safe? I am glad that the traditional herbs were given for a short time. This is not to say that I agree with what you did though. Remember that you are the only person that can protect your baby. Yes it is hard to go against the advice of family and friends - but you know better and you have to protect baby. Let us hope for the best and that baby's next HIV PCR test shall be negative DoctorSindi replied 203 days ago
Hi doc, i gave my child a zidovudine syrup for 6 wks & at the clinic they've just stopped me without the test&they didn't give anything else to prevent transmission HIV-exposed babies take the syrup for six weeks. Then they start taking Cotrimoxazole suspension. We test babies at birth and then again at ten weeks. That is the new protocol. If baby was not tested at birth please go back to the clinic and ask them to test baby. If you did not get the Cotrimoxazole suspension, make sure that you get it DoctorSindi replied 203 days ago
hi doc ngiHIV pos umntanami uthatha inevaripine syrup and namhlanje ubeqeda 6weeks all i want to knw ukuthi should i contineu to give her or i must stop now If you have been on ARVs for longer than four weeks baby can stop the Nevirapine syrup DoctorSindi replied 203 days ago
When is the right time to stop giving my baby medicine to prevent HIV after I switch him to formula his 3months Babies take Nevirapine/Zidovudine syrup for six weeks. Then they get Cotrimoxazole suspension for the duration of breastfeeding. They only stop the suspension when the repeat HIV PCR test comes back negative. This test is done six weeks after you stop all breastfeeding. DoctorSindi replied 203 days ago
Doc im hiv pos gave birth at 6mnths my son tested neg at birth im breastfeeding babys on nvp gave him gripe wate a few times n water ddnt knw bwt d risk m on arv on jan VL ws 90 m so stressed for my son being infected cnt even sleep I am glad that you have stopped giving gripe water and water. Now that you have stopped the risk of HIV transmission has decreased. Please do not stress. Don't forget to take baby for the 10 weeks test. I am sure everything will be okay DoctorSindi replied to zeeinsh 203 days ago
Dr pls help me, i hav a year on level one treatment, my cd4 count increased from 511 to 614 my viral load decreased from half a million to 112. Its not yet undetactable why!????? Im worried cz i take my madication well always Your viral load has dropped a LOT! It is less than 400 and that is awesome. Please do not be so hard on yourself. You are doing well. Just make sure you take your medication every day at the exact same time. Well done by the way. You are doing well DoctorSindi replied 203 days ago
Hey doc my child was on nevrpn it got finished i went to the clinic n they gave her zidovudine syrup is it fyn or what It is fine. Nevirapine and Zidovudine syrup are both given as prophylaxis to HIV-exposed babies. The difference is that Nevirapine is given once a day. 1ml if baby was less than 2.5kg at birth and 1.5ml if baby was more than 2.5kg at birth. Zidovudine is given twice a day - and the dose is 1.2ml DoctorSindi replied 203 days ago
Hy doc am+ n need 2 knw hw safe it is nt to breastfeed, hv been on arv since 2013 n 30wks prgnt nw me n hubby r scared n confused to breastfeed bby due to thinking to go back to wrk after birth, pls help If you can exclusively breastfeed then go for it - regardless of the duration. That is my advice. Most women that I chat to can only do it for 3 - 4 months and then they go back to work. That is fine. Do what you can and then one week before you go back to work switch baby to No 1 formula. Baby will take that until six months. From there you switch to No 2 formula and solids. Do not forget to take baby for an HIV PCR test six weeks after stopping all breastfeeding DoctorSindi replied 210 days ago
Ngzithwele amathe ebusuku avele abe maningi nekhanda eingapheli ku normal for muntu othhwele
6 minutes ago by mamtimande
Yes it is. For the headache you must drink Panado only - nothing else. The excess saliva should eventually stop as your pregnancy progresses DoctorSindi replied 210 days ago
Hi Dr Sindi I am hiv positive and my daughter is 3weeks old. I was breastfeeding her now iam giving her formula, I would like to breastfeed her again but my milk is not enough. Can't I do them both? We discourage mixed feeding because it places baby at a high risk for HIV infection. You either breastfeed OR formula feed. I am sorry that your supply of milk has not been sufficient. Continue with the formula. Don't forget baby's PCR test at 10 weeks and do continue giving the syrup until baby is six weeks old DoctorSindi replied 210 days ago
hi Dr sindi I've been breastfeeding for 2 months and I want to stop breastfeeding n start formula due to my status bt my midwive said that I should breastfeed for upto 6 months please talk to me It is your decision to switch to formula. If you are able to afford it then go ahead and switch baby to formula. Remember that baby must take No 1 formula until six months of age. Thereafter baby starts solids and No 2 formula. No solids or water before six months please. Do not forget to take baby for an HIV PCR test six weeks after stopping all breastfeeding DoctorSindi replied to elestacia 210 days ago
by doc am HIV n 5mnths preg n using a treatment is it OK fr me to drink wine NO. Alcohol should not be consumed during pregnancy DoctorSindi replied 210 days ago

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