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hi doc im hiv and pregnant my cd4 is 570 so my gyna says i should do csection coz im not in treatment so far and my due is comfuse abt my cd4 If a pregnant woman who has HIV is not on treatment then we have to do a C-section. Remember that treatment is taken to lower the viral load - the number of HIV copies in the blood. The lower the viral load, the smaller the risk of transmission to baby. If the mom is not on treatment then the viral load is not low - regardless of the CD4 count. And so baby is at higher risk. This is why you have to have a C-section and why you will have to formula feed. Hope that this makes sense DoctorSindi replied to nthaby54 1926 days ago
I'm 7 months pregnant.My gynae is against me breastfeed and the paed at the private hospital where I will be delivering.My vl is undetectable for 5 yrs,my hiv specialist is pro breastfeeding.What can I do? I encourage moms to make their own choices. Your viral load is undetectable. The risk of you infecting baby is minimal. You can breastfeed for as long as possible - as long as you breastfeed exclusively. Once you stop breastfeeding baby must switch to formula. Once baby is six months old then baby can start solids. You must not be forced into a decision. Make the decision that works for you. DoctorSindi replied 1926 days ago
Hi Doctor, when is it the right time to give my two weeks newborn Muthi wenyoni? Babies do not need umuthi wenyoni or Gripe water or anything else like that. So I discourage moms from giving those things DoctorSindi replied to Lebza1993 1926 days ago
DR if u are on formula exclusing and solid before 6 mnths is der somthing is going to happen to my if de baby was exposed 2 HIV The reason we advise that babies don't get solids before six months is because they get exposed to allergens. Their guts are not ready for solids before six months

A formula - feeding baby is at no risk of HIV infection if exclusively formula feeding BUT runs the risk of developing allergies
DoctorSindi replied 1926 days ago
hi Dr I'm HIV positive and breastfeeding. my daughter is turning 6 months next month on the 3rd of November so I was ted to know should I stop breastfeeding her on the 3rd and on the 4rth should I introduce her to formula n solids? Yes that is correct. I encourage mothers to stop breastfeeding abruptly and then wean baby onto solids and No 2 formula DoctorSindi replied to Pearl01 2078 days ago
Hi doc.i am a breastfeeding mother.i hv been giving my baby Adco-lamivudine now i have been given a Doctrim suspension from the clinic nd my baby is 10 weeks.should i give it to my child Yes. Remember that babies take the syrup for six weeks and then thereafter they start taking Doctrim/Ilvitrim/Bactrim suspension. Give it once a day DoctorSindi replied 2078 days ago
Hi Doc, I had a Csection and bled profusely had to have 2units of blood transfusion after surgery. vl was 40ml baby is taking viramune 2ml 1x a day. Only going for baby test in 2 weeks time. The worry and anxiety is killing me. Please do not worry. The most important thing is that you are on treatment and that your viral load is low. The lower the viral load, the smaller the risk of HIV transmission to baby. If you are breastfeeding make sure baby is exclusively breastfeeding. Do not worry! DoctorSindi replied 2078 days ago
hy doc my child was born on 20 may 2
016 and i am breastfeeding him and im + and on arvs when is the right date to switch to solids.... must be 20 november when he turns 6 months?
Yes that is correct. You will be starting solids and also No 2 formula if you can afford formula

Do not forget to take baby for a repeat HIV PCR test six weeks after you stop all breastfeeding.
DoctorSindi replied 2078 days ago
Hi doc iam his positive with a 8 months old baby still breastfeeding and giving solids I want to know when is it safe to stop breastfeeding?and can I give him formula? The Department of Health encourages mothers to breastfeed for at least one year. I differ slightly from that advice. I encourage mothers to breastfeed and then when baby starts solids to change to No 2 formula - if they can afford formula. If they cannot afford formula then yes they should continue to breastfeed

You can change to No 2 formula. Do not forget to take baby for the HIV PCR test six weeks after stopping breastfeeding
DoctorSindi replied to mphonyana05 2083 days ago
Hi doc my baby is 4 months old n on nvp, her grandmom start giving her solid food is there any chance that she could be infected, am breastfeeding Remember that mixed feeding increases the risk of HIV transmission from you to baby. We have always advised that it is either six months of exclusive breastfeeding OR exclusive formula feeding but NOT both - regardless of whether baby is on Nevirapine or not. Please rather change to exclusive formula feeding if your grandmother won't stop giving baby solids. Baby will need to go for an HIV PCR test as soon as possible after you stop all breastfeeding because of the situation where grandmother has been giving solids. You're the ONLY person to protect baby. Yes I understand that it's difficult especially when you haven't disclosed your status to the family but try by all means to protect baby. DoctorSindi replied 2083 days ago
hy doc my baby is 5 months old now n im hiv+ n breastfeeding him exclusivly...i hv to go back to work what can i do 4 him not to be infected.. The best thing is for you to switch baby to No 1 formula until he is six months old. Once he turns six months then you will switch him to No 2 formula and start solids. Make sure that you take baby for the repeat HIV PCR test which is done six weeks after stopping all breastfeeding DoctorSindi replied 2085 days ago
Hi doc iam hiv + wth undetectable viral load,bt startd haart wen i was pregier. ist safe if i mix wth formula since the bby is on nvp en ilvitrim suspension No. You have to choose one method of infant feeding - either exclusive breastfeeding or exclusive formula feeding. Baby can take any medication that has been given by a doctor or nurse clinician - such as Nevirapine syrup, or Ilvitrim, or Panado etc. DoctorSindi replied 2085 days ago
Hi doctor
Iam 8months pregnant and HIV positive what do I do can I deliver then not breastfeed because my family does not believe in breastfeeding exclusively so iam scared that when I go back to work they will give my baby things
Yes. If you know that your family is going to interfere and want to give baby food/water/herbal medication/gripe water and so on then rather formula feed exclusively. You will need to get No 1 formula. Remember to always make sure baby's bottles are properly sterilized. Always mix the formula according to the tin instructions. NO food or anything until baby is six months old. From six months baby can start solids and No 2 formula DoctorSindi replied to Misca 2088 days ago
hi,i'm hiv+ & ebf my son, he's nw 7mnths old & i jst want to knw if i can give him formula since he's on solids nw Yes. You can start him on No 2 formula and continue solids DoctorSindi replied 2088 days ago
Hello Sandi my baby is 1month now, he is on exclusive breastfeeding, he has cough and catarrh, what drug can I give him Take him to the doctor or clinic please. I don't recommend self-medicating for babies DoctorSindi replied to onyichiis 2088 days ago

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