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how u like ur man?tall or short?dark or lite?romantic or spontaneous?goofy or reserved?shy or out going?protectiv or relaxed?smal or big feet???? lmfao height never used t matter,bt now TALL dus it for me,colour dnt matter,spontaneous,goofy,PROTECTIVE *i lov it wen he puts on his cape for me n gets all superman n ish* #blushes... as for maoto lmfao r u serious???hahaha L3saah replied 2389 days ago
whats the one word that best describes you? PALESA.....

....n SCROOF
L3saah replied 2389 days ago
i think u lying,i think u stil lyk Benjamin n miss him! eh???ok... L3saah replied 2399 days ago
Do you miss Benjamin? Hape it looked like y'all gettin married. uhm...honestly???nah nt really,i only think about him usually wen ppl mention afta dat???its lyk,hws da weather?? L3saah replied 2400 days ago
u eva cheated? lol yeh sure i hav...maths multiple choice...civl eng is hard u knw (o.0) ?lmfao L3saah replied 2400 days ago
what or where do you get your inspiration...
everythang n usually i ryt beta wen im heart broken...*dnt even ask* if u want me t ryt u a gud piece???jus hurt me :) L3saah replied 2400 days ago
why havent you asked me ques? M fleazy lol uhm...okay Fleazy uhmmm who r u??lol das a que ryt?? L3saah replied 2400 days ago
If u knew i love you, wud u stil hate me? dude if i dnt lyk u dan its for a very valid reason...i dnt jus hate ppl...its very hard for me t hate ppl... So u effing up,dan loving me n hopin il feel difwent about u,is hyly unlykly t happen L3saah replied 2400 days ago
If u knew i find u intrestin, wud u stil find me boring? haowa bathong y u makin me a bad person...iv neva found u boring hueva u L3saah replied 2400 days ago
i c u alrdy taken,do u hav any bes frnds t giv away??n im asking 4 ur best frnds cos i want sum1 lyk u or similar.. So who are ur bes frnds?? .. Mind giving me names?? lol sum1 lyk mi or similar??u du realise dat u sayin da same thang yeh?? Bt anyway my bff's Keabetswe boikanyo *OFF DA MARKET* Tumelo Moteme *PROBABLY WONT B INTERESTD* Pelonomi Mokgadi *OFF DA MARKET* Innocentia Van der Byl *MOST DEFNTLY NT INTERESTD* ....Sowi ne?? L3saah replied 2400 days ago
why karabo? n wats dat supozd t mean??rephrase ur que somblif? L3saah replied 2400 days ago
you ever regret dating ur ex's??? lol funny u shud ask dis que,cos i saw a similar one frm a fwend of myn,n da way she ansad her que,was exactly hw i ima say it too,i dnt regret datin any of ma exs cos i dnt regret any of the mistakes iv dne!i only learn frm ma mistakes!!! L3saah replied 2400 days ago
wen last did u go to test? feb L3saah replied 2400 days ago
What do u remember most about 66dekorte lol doooode 66 dekorte???hahaha only epic favorit was chilling wit ma gals n da hammer boys :) ... Le 709 :) n n n...too many memories t list up here L3saah replied 2400 days ago
so its all about you i see,u only care bout laving bt nt bjang lavd da same way.mmmm ur looking it sweety u mus hav misunderstood dat...n i can c hw u mus hav misunderstood anyway,look here,it dnt help if u wit sum1 huz cwayzee abou u bt u dnt feel da same way... L3saah replied 2400 days ago

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