Ask me anything you like anonymously

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How do you want people to treat you ? The same way I treat them PHSYFO10 replied 2550 days ago
Which movie sucked for you this year ? "Thina Sobabili" PHSYFO10 replied 2551 days ago
To get more questions, Post this message on facebook and twitter.Ask me anything anonymously{username} Here is de gamr,Maziye PHSYFO10 replied 2552 days ago
Who are you dating currently JESUS Christ lol PHSYFO10 replied 3881 days ago
What's the one rumour you've heard about you that is not true? its hurtiful I cant ryt it onlyn lol PHSYFO10 replied 3881 days ago
what are u currently doing? chating with u stranger lol PHSYFO10 replied 3881 days ago
are u a christian/church goer lol? both PHSYFO10 replied 3881 days ago
I have seen your status:said u want some1 who is right for you,I think I am.can I inbox you my p.details, um sharp dont inbox me anything I know who is ryt 4me&I dont do blind dates PHSYFO10 replied 3881 days ago
hey handsum,can I inbox u my no on facebook plz love what am i going2do with them.? PHSYFO10 replied 3890 days ago
u looks handsum on ur pic on face book but ur last pic with dat ugly gal is bad its fyn but we dont care abt her ugly.any way she z my friend PHSYFO10 replied 3904 days ago
hw z ur frndship wit da guy oyithathele igf yayo? unfo. I dont knw this guy.are u trying to get some info. 4rm me?who told u abt our friendship? PHSYFO10 replied 3928 days ago
what happened 2u&ur friend when there were the rumous of u are dating wth hs gf unfortunately i dont knw what are u talking abt but i thnk we both knw its personal/u are the 1 who z my gf PHSYFO10 replied 3928 days ago
Describe yourself in 3 words? HANDSOME SINGLE GUY PHSYFO10 replied 3941 days ago