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What do you owe yourself? I didnt understand the question :O SvarcovaMag replied 522 days ago
The last lie you told ? I dont lie tbh. SvarcovaMag replied 522 days ago
What is your greatest regret ? I regret nothing, for sure. SvarcovaMag replied 522 days ago
What do you think about your job? Greetings!

My name is Magdalena
I want to tell a little about myself: I have 2 higher education - music and economics. Since 2007, after the decree, I no longer went to official work and tried to open my own business. I have two own business . I will gladly tell you if it is interesting. And at the moment I’m getting my next business project on feet . Also I participate in a career building project because I do not like to do only one thing

It is no secret that to start a business you need money, but where to get it, if you have neither experience nor any savings. Additional earnings on the Internet is very difficult to find. And if you find it, then spend so much time and get a penny. Isn't it better to spend your free time on your family, yourself and your interests .....

Many people do not believe that starting from scratch can really be earned, because they simply do not want to understand the essence. People are accustomed to what others think of them, and they only do their work and get a small salary. Many people doubt, and only a part of self-confident, purposeful and people following the progress are earned sitting at c
home at the computer. I firmly believe in my experience - you can earn! Yes, sitting at home at the computer, communicating with beautiful people, learning something new! Together with me you can earn, or you can just watch my steps, I honestly do not care, because I know for sure about myself, I will earn a lot of money. Well, whether you go with me or not, of course you decide!

Since the field of my activities is quite broad, I am looking for employees, partners, colleagues ... call it what you want, the main thing is that we should be useful to each other. As I read somewhere ... "We need to agree on a type of cooperation that would be convenient, useful and profitable for both parties.

My project , provides website promotion and development services for clients all over the world. I work with German, French, Italian companies not only. I will be glad to help your business
SvarcovaMag replied 522 days ago
Do you like coffee?
Sure i like it! I brew it every day. SvarcovaMag replied 522 days ago

Magdalina Svarcova

(SvarcovaMag) Chezh Republic