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Dream Job ? Hi! My name is Thomas, I'm 25 years old and I work as a technical service expert for . A year ago I graduated from a technical school with a degree in computer networking, and I have no plans to begin a family within the next few years. Now all my attempts and attention are focused on self-development and expansion in the professional direction.
I really enjoy working in technical support, because this job combines the activities of a program specialist, a programmer and a detective. At times the issue is so disguised that the remedy is totally unobvious. And every single time you figure out how to solve a puzzle,"why nothing works", then you get a feeling of satisfaction and maybe even triumph! The service is a really interesting team, prepared to address multifaceted problems and even participate in product development. And should you want to try yourself at such work, you can work through the night and are not fearful of Asian English.
I'm a music fan, I'm interested in all and that I love to"climb" into distinct genres. Furthermore, playing and performing some tune or writing my own music, I am emotionally discharged, let lose my emotions and alleviate my nervous tension. In my childhood, there was rock, other, electronics, American gangsta rap - it was all cool and interesting, but perhaps not like jazz. It's the audio of the moment, and it is always emphasized by the rhythm, and the swing. I don't believe in jazz : incidentally, all real jazz avant-garde swings, and it is not tough to sense it. In jazz you can't abstract yourself from the circulation of time; you have to fully immerse yourself into the music and be aware there is something besides it. For me it's the rhythm of existence and I want to feel every moment of it.
In my view, in jazz, in loving it - exactly the identical motivation as in adoring modernism in literature, painting, theater. The destruction of this"ivory tower" created by classical artwork. Recognition that guy lives in peace and isn't eternal.
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