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gay? I’d say so but I’m not a doctor AngryBaby replied 1645 days ago
Hey witch doctor, give me the magic word You go,

Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, bang bang~
AngryBaby replied 1645 days ago
Opinion on Alfred alfer and sparkle care hospital? Love Alfred Alfer! Not really something I get inspired by on a daily basis, but it’s very intriguing to me.
As for Sparkle Care, I’ve never read it. It’s hard for me to get into web comics but I have no negative opinion on it.
AngryBaby replied 1645 days ago
What is your opinion on being in a relationship? Personally it’s not my style to date due to where I am in life mentally and in terms of what I’d like to accomplish at least right now, but I mean I’m unsure about the context of this question in general sorry if you’re asking something different. AngryBaby replied 1645 days ago
@ your recent story
IF you have so many characters, why not get rid of some? Stop getting character just to neglect them and never drawing them. If your ocs were real, living beings this would be child neglect. Draw all your characters on a regular basis
Firstly please read over what you just sent and now consider:

-I care about all my characters regardless of how much I draw them
-The amount you draw a character doesn’t equate to how much you love them
-Stop comparing furry ocs to real life children
-I am an adult and don’t have time to draw all my characters sadly
AngryBaby replied 1645 days ago
What's your profile picture from? My favorite anime of all time

Kappa Mikey
AngryBaby replied 1671 days ago
when I was 5 I loved Kappa Mikey so much I prayed at nite to god to make him come to life. When I die I want to see this message on my designated grave stone AngryBaby replied 1671 days ago
Heya do u plan on going into art for college and if so what r some of yr top choices? srry if someone has already asked this Yeah I do! I’m attending a pre-college program at MICA this summer for two weeks and MICA is definitely my #1 school of choice. Not really keen on many other schools due to how stuck up some can be that I originally liked, but I might try and apply to some of the ones in Philly that are safe in case I get screwed. I just want to go to a school that’ll want me there and makes me happy and fascilitates my growth and success. AngryBaby replied 1675 days ago
WHere’s The Kappa Mikey fanart poser ? I made some before you were born. Have some respect for my one true kin AngryBaby replied to Wetmattress 1675 days ago
What are your pronouns? :> just curious!! She who likes sheeeeeees AngryBaby replied 1676 days ago
What are your pronouns ¿ Greasy girl AngryBaby replied 1676 days ago
Who are some of your favorite artist Osamu Sato (Tong Nou, LSD Dream Emulator)
Nick Cross (Angrora Napkin)
Troy Little (Angora Napkin)
Al Lowe (Leisure Suit Larry)
Ralph Bakshi (pretty much all his movies)
Jorge Gutierrez (El Tigre)
AngryBaby replied 1676 days ago
I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT!!??? Thanks broski <3333 AngryBaby replied 1676 days ago
Opinions on the greeser dogs from CatDog? You just reminded me they existed and I appreciate it because I love them with all my heart!! AngryBaby replied 1676 days ago
Youre a great artist and also seem like a great person &lt;3 Yo that means a hella lot man!! Thank you! AngryBaby replied 1676 days ago