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I have pee fetish is this normal? It's normal; not a common fetish, but it's a normal fetish. askjasmine replied 889 days ago
Is having $ex with a distant cousin okay lmao Lol. Only if it's consensual and you're okay with the potentially awkward family gatherings afterward. I'd say no don't do it if it was me lol. askjasmine replied 890 days ago
My partner and I do not have the same level of $ex drive. Like I always want more and he doesn’t. We fought almost just about this all the time. What should I do? Discuss openly and honestly about how you feel and put a caveat on how this is not an attack, you just want to share how you feel and would love to hear what they think about it. Then discuss how to go about it - maybe get toys, mutual mas*********, how to make things more exciting for them (or do something that would get them in the mood), do more foreplay, $exting to get in the mood etc. Or perhaps they're probably going through something stressful at work or with family, and that needs to be addressed first. You could even opt to meet a $ex therapist and see where that goes. It's really normal to have different levels of s.ex drive, it's just discussing about what to do next that matters. askjasmine replied 890 days ago
Hi Jasmine, can I get abortion in MY as I know that it is illegal to do it here. So, what should I do? Abortion is legal in Malaysia, but with laws surrounding it. You can contact RRAAM Hotline on WhatsApp at +60183687950 to receive a list of women-friendly clinics offering safe and affordable abortion services and contraceptive counselling throughout Malaysia. askjasmine replied 920 days ago
I have a uncut d I c k would that be a problem while having $ex? Nope askjasmine replied 921 days ago
Is it normal for youth to having $ex before marriage nowadays? It's a personal choice really. Some people have pre-marital s.ex, some prefer to wait until marriage. Whatever decision you choose, do so because you want to and it's according to your values, not because what other says you should or shouldn't do. askjasmine replied 921 days ago
Was having unprotected $ex with my partner but he said he never *** inside. And I missed my menses for about a month. Also already tested 4 time (-ve) using pregnancy test kit. Help me! What should i do? And Do I still have a high chances to get pregnant? I'd suggest to see a gynaecologist for better assessment. Chances are you're not pregnant if you got yourself tested 4 times, so the missed period may be from stress. But I'd say see a doctor to get confirmation. askjasmine replied 921 days ago
dtf? Hahahaha no. askjasmine replied 921 days ago
Sometimes i fear,can i have $ex with a woman?
But when i can't control mood,when mas********* i imagine a lot. How to over come this phobia 🥺
S.ex is a big step, you don't have to go there yet if you're not ready. If you do become $exual with someone, take it slow, step by step. If you're comfortable, then go to the next step instead of going all in. There's no rush. The first time is always scary, but once you overcome it, you realize that it isn't as scary as you think, especially since you took your time to explore. Good luck :) askjasmine replied 1104 days ago
My partner pulled out and some *** dripped from the condom onto my outer/upper part of my v. I wiped it off with tissues and then washed it with water. but i cant help but think how high of a chance that the spam can somehow enter my v*****? :x If it's outside of your body, it's okay, you don't have to worry about anything. Especially since you wiped it off and washed it immediately. askjasmine replied 1122 days ago
Hi Jasmine! Does Plan B (or other oral emergency contraceptive) really not work if its taken during ovulation timeframe? like few days before/during/after
Thanks! :)
Hi there! For Plan B or emergency contraceptive pill to be most effective, it has to be taken within 72 hours of s.ex (the earlier, the better), despite which cycle your are in the month.

For the daily contraceptive pills, you can take it immediately after you get them however, when it would be fully effective is undetermined. Normally, just to be safe, it's advisable to use other contraceptive methods like condoms during the first 7 days of consuming the pill. After that, you can just take the pills as is.
askjasmine replied 1122 days ago
Can a relationship last without physical attraction/possibly $ex? :( It depends on what the people in the relationship needs. Some people are okay without having any physical intimacy and people need it because it's important. As for attraction, I do feel that there should be some level of attraction, otherwise, it's quite hard to be with someone whom do not have qualities you find attractive. askjasmine replied 1128 days ago
I alrdy know abt this but just needed reassurance. Um i'm in my menses rn. Heavily haha. And he *** in. Won't make me pregn@nt right? Yes, there is a low risk of unwanted pregn@ncy to happen during your period, especially during the start of your period. However, the chances of pregn@ncy is higher if you have s3x towards the end of your period or after it ends.

Ultimately, it's really important for you to know when you are most fertile/ovulation phase and to aim not to have s3x a few days before or on ovulation day to avoid pregn@ncy. You can track your cycle via apps like Flo which is pretty accurate.
askjasmine replied 1129 days ago
Apparently just under the tip of the p****, there are tiny white spots under the foreskin, kinda freaked me out cuz I thought I had aids or something even though I'm a virgin Those are probably pearly penile papules, pretty common among p3nis owners and nothing to worry about. You can Google it for more info :) askjasmine replied 1134 days ago
Where is a good place (in store or online) to buy safe and good quality $ex toys (ie di*dos, vibrators, etc) in KL? I would suggest buy from trusted brands like Smile Makers (you can get it in Watson) or One Condom (you can get it online via their website or Lazada/Shopee). There are s.ex shops (or a s.ex shop) in Midvalley (same floor as the cinema), Sungei Wang Plaza and Times Square. You could find there too. askjasmine replied 1254 days ago


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