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I have built a temple for you in my heart, youu gave me courage to say no// u saved me. i dont know how to react to that! hiyer replied 1715 days ago
i am 19 yrs old and in need of help regarding coming out....hw can i contact u hiyer? hiyer replied 1715 days ago
Harish, I am not able to read your blog. Whenever I load it up, it takes me to a different website. Can you pleaes get it checked for viruses? Miss your posts hiyer replied 1715 days ago
i told my sir. everything that happened. he's the first one to know. i told him every detail of rape and abuse. sometimes i need him so badly to hold me.but he cant be wid me alws. he's busy. wat to do now? i crave 4 his love n protection. makes sense? i can understand your dependency. but also understand that someday you would need to stand up, and stand alone. sometimes take a jump, take a stroll on a road filled with strangers, i as*ure you, you will fly! hiyer replied 1715 days ago
Why don't you start a gay dating community so that people can find their life partners? what a fantastic business idea.
let me find investors now!
i will start one TamBrahm Gay Matrimony!
hiyer replied 1715 days ago
At what point do my bf and I dispense with condoms? at no point ideally.
but if you are really committed and will not stray, then you may decide to do away.
hiyer replied 1715 days ago
Hey do you have a black berry yeah! hiyer replied 1715 days ago
Which party should lgbt people vote for in 2014? all parties have their share of homos and homophobes. vote for good governance. hiyer replied 1715 days ago
ANSWER ME Arn't you in love? YES... something like that. hiyer replied 1783 days ago
Arn't you in love? with you. Yaa. hiyer replied 1783 days ago
There was also the murder of a transgender activist ( Anil Sadanand) in Kerala. It didn't cause a ripple. Justice has not been done. i know that there is one cause that has caught the nations attention. But we need to keep speaking about issues. Do start an initiative for Anil, and send an appeal to people to join. hiyer replied 1783 days ago
What is your take on the man who recently killed his bf in self-defence? Do you think this might cause the judiciary to rethink spousal rape laws? Do you have any anger against the perp as the victim was your friend? the law has to recognise two men as a couple first to get them to recognise spousal abuse.

Angry yes, i am against the perpetrator, but i dont hate him.
hiyer replied 1783 days ago
I am asking this in all seriousness: does semen swallowing carry a risk of hiv infection? technically there is a chance. but in reality the possibility is quite dim. hiyer replied 1783 days ago
Looks LIke you are Dating Somebody? good guess.
i am dating John Abraham.
hiyer replied 1791 days ago
I think what emam is doing on bigboss for publicity or whatever is just pathetic and ridiculous. He is putting a bad name in front of everyone. Why don't you try for BigBoss next season i m sure it will help rate up there TRP's. hahaha...

tell bigboss to call me baba.
hiyer replied 1791 days ago

harish iyer

(hiyer) Mumbai