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What happens if you win a lot of money at a casino? If you happen to win a lot of money at a casino, whether in games like poker, baccarat, or win jackpots in slot machines: the first thing the casino will ask you is to fill a tax form for gambling winnings. It is also likely that a casino worker will approach you and conduct verification in order to ensure that your winnings are legitimate and not made with cheating.

You will have at least 90 days to claim your jackpots. If you don’t, the casino may either keep your jackpot winnings on the books for a long period or void your jackpot. When you win a jackpot, you will be expected to show some ID verification.

The casino will likely take some time to make sure all the accounting work is done. It will also check whether you are on the state’s restricted list or not.
You can even take your winnings in a check if you wish to.
Casinos ask you for your ID when you win big to keep track of you in all your future gambling endeavors at the casino. The casino will monitor all your gameplay to make sure that you are not winning by cheating.
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