Anything you wanna know about me just ask. Promise to be as honest as I can be :)

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do u have a big ****? ********** PhilMphela replied 3033 days ago
U knw I was just looking the way u gave answers in these questions they are asking u,hw are u doing to always giving best answers? Thanks... Though I don\'t really understand what your question is :) PhilMphela replied to PHSYFO10 3415 days ago
Phil, are u writing or plannin to write for any mag or newspaper? I'm a fan and used to read your tvsa articles (I'm sponono there) and you are a good writer Thanks for the support. I am currently looking at exploring other opportunities at the moment. I can\'t rule anything out. I might in the future. PhilMphela replied 3448 days ago
whr u 4rm man? Whz ur parents!? Born in Brits and grew up mainly in Rusternburg. North West province. PhilMphela replied 3448 days ago
where u cam from Born in Brits and grew up mainly in Rusternburg. North West province. PhilMphela replied 3470 days ago
Where can we found naked pictures of Buyile Mdladla And why do you think I would know? PhilMphela replied 3654 days ago
hey .are you goin to the destiny forum event No I don't know anything about it PhilMphela replied 3688 days ago
Heya! Are u also gonna audition for interse*ions season 2? No. I'm not an actor. :) PhilMphela replied 3707 days ago
Hi Phil. I like your attitude and how you so frank. How you deal with haters? Thanks.

Haters?! That word actually has no substance in my life. I am well aware that when you put yourself out there not everyone is going to like you. I think it would be narcissistic to even think everyone likes you, hell not even Jesus is liked by everyone.

On a more personal level. I am the worst person to wanna fight with. I will never get in a ring with anyone simply because a fight, like revenge, is a useless reaction. In a fight both parties want to win so there will never be a resolution. Why then would I wanna waste my time fighting someone when there will be nothing achieved out of the action.

If someone bothers me I just ignore him/her, tweet about the ish and get it out of my system then go on with my life. If the other person is still holding on to that then that's his or her burden to carry because mine would be somewhere in cyberspace.
PhilMphela replied 3708 days ago
word of advise to the other hopefuls(like me) who wish to be like u one day? Run your own race. Be inspired by other people to succeed by always follow your own path and pace to that success! PhilMphela replied 3709 days ago
wardrobe malfunctions,how many? I have never had any malfunctions... I have had some "what the hell was I thinking wearing that" moments but never a wardrobe malfunction. PhilMphela replied 3709 days ago
Disaster date ever? Haven't really had one. There has been ones where I was bored but nothing that dramatic that I would deem disastrous. PhilMphela replied 3709 days ago
wud you go out with a guy out of pitty? Absolutely NOT!! PhilMphela replied 3709 days ago
Would you say you too much of a perfectionist and that's why your relationships are not working? I would not say a perfectionist. I am very flexible BUT I know what I want and would not settle just for the sake of having someone in my life. Life is too short to be wasted in relationships that aren't working. PhilMphela replied 3709 days ago
Do u prefer dating someone who's similar to the kind of person dat u are Or a complete opposite? And why Hmmm... that's a tough one. I like exploring and learning new things so having someone who is different from me is always fun BUT I get bored very easily so having someone who has similar traits like me is always preferable because it makes my life easier. PhilMphela replied 3709 days ago

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