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Line cook The line cook is responsible for preparing and cooking the meals the entire staff will eat. For those lucky enough to have a full staff, he or she will also be responsible for helping prepare the dishes that the other employees cannot do. In the worst case scenario, they might even be the one to create the menu.

The line cook is a good person to spend your vacation time with. You'll never know, maybe you'll win him or her over by planning a vacation together. That could be a great way to bond and enjoy the benefits of working together for a common cause.

While the line cook may not be the main character in the restaurant, they are often asked to be involved in the planning and creation of special dishes. In this case they are the "BFF" of the executive chef, helping him or her to plan the meals and keep them up to date throughout the week.

If you don't get involved in the line chef when you start your restaurant, don't worry. You will need to see how much work and dedication go into preparing a holiday meal before you see the line cook.
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I have graduated The Culinary Institute of America in 2013 and became a chef assistant in one of New York city restaurants. Yes skilletdirector replied 767 days ago
I began to move up the career ladder – just a few years later I've worked as a chef in a 4* restaurant. Yes skilletdirector replied 767 days ago

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